With the holidays and all the tree skirts I made and the bathroom remodel, I haven't been working on my other projects like I should have been. So, finally, I got out the bits of fabric, buttons, and other bits and compared the lot to some sketches I have been making in my sketchbook.

To the left is my depiction of a tree I drew in the fall in my neighborhood. I have only just begun the work, so what you see is, essentially, a rough draft, but it pleases me to actually be able to report progress. 

This is a giant piece, at three feet by three feet, and all the hand work will take some time to complete. Instead of framing it, I plan to mount it onto a stretched canvas that has been covered in a cloth, like a traditional painting. My husband thinks it looks Amish. Hmmpphhtt. (Okay, maybe I see his point.)



01/31/2013 09:24

Love the design!

02/01/2013 16:33



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    My style is goofy, it always has been. I love geometric shapes, but always with a twist. I love to combine sharp lines with whimsy, boxy shapes with free-form ideas.


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