Now that I have completed the remodel of the half bath on our first floor, my husband is inspired... What next? he asks. 
But, before I think of what is next, I want to glory in my first big completed project in this house.
When we bought the house, this particular bath was wallpapered in a pink stripe with blue and maroon flowers, and featured maroon fixtures to match the flower. The floor is a pink marble tile. We believe it must have been done in the 1980s. This bath is probably the only room that was significantly altered in the house since it was built.
We wanted to redo the bath in a way that fits with the rest of the house -- and might appear like it is original to the house. 
So, I stripped the wallpaper and gave the walls a stucco treatment (The rest of the downstairs is stucco-like inside) and painted the walls the same color as the rest of the first floor. The ceiling in this bath is a dark-stained wood, so I wanted to make it as bright and clean-looking as possible, which is why the paint is off-white. The entire first floor has the dark ceilings and dark floors, and to paint the walls any other color would probably darken the house too much for my taste.
I pondered on the pink floor tile, but decided to keep it. I figured if I decided I hated it, we could change it later. Turns out, I like it with the new stuff. The pink is toned down and looks more neutral.
We replaced the fixtures with white ones that were based on designs from the era of the house (only the commode has a tiny tank, reflecting the need to conserve water these days!).
I added privacy glass to the window and removed the window treatment altogether -- for more natural light.
We replaced the light fixture with one we bought years ago and never installed -- it works perfectly here, and gives off much more light than the previous fixture did. We changed out the mirror, and, viola!, a new bath! (The handles that came in were wrong -- and the plumber is coming back with the correct chrome handles when they arrive.)
Behold, the fruits of my labor.



01/14/2013 18:43

Holy Cow! I can't believe it is the same bathroom. You did a rockin job and here I was going to harass you about getting rid of that Gawd awful colored sink that had been in there. The pink marble does work now. Gotta come back for in person inspection! ;)


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