I have to admit, I was feeling kinda blue last month. It's been a pretty long winter in Chicagoland and I'm just not used to it yet. In early March, I went to Atlanta to visit friends and came home with the flu that evolved into a nasty cold. It's been a month, and I still have a slight cough. 

But, in spite of the cold weather and crummy cold, there were several bright spots in my month. 

A very dear friend in Alabama noticed the weather in Chicago and just decided I needed some Springtime and sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. (I just tossed them out -- they lasted three weeks!) It was unbelievably kind of her to think of me, and I am ever so grateful!

A few days after that was my birthday, and, gosh, if you need a reason to like Facebook, birthdays are it. (I sometimes really hate FB, but it is the easiest way to keep in touch with friends and family.) Every year, I get a burst of happiness from FB on my birthday, when friends from all parts of my life send me well wishes. Just hearing that "ping" all day from my phone helped make my day even better.

But, the best part of the month, the part that actually got me out of my doldrums and back into the land of the living, was the vacation my husband and I took the last week of March. 

We have both travelled extensively for work, but have rarely travelled together. In fact, in our nearly three decades together, I can only think of four planned vacations. 

We went to Napa Valley (pictured at left is a vineyard, but I can't remember which one. Above left is an old vineyard on the Hess property that belongs to Christian Brothers. We went to 15 or so over the course of the week, and grape vines were everywhere!). 

We flew first class, stayed in a very nice hotel in Napa, ate incredible food and came home with four cases of wine, plus joined a couple wine clubs. We also went to the Lagunitas brewery and went to a cheese festival in Petaluma. We spent our last night in California in San Francisco, and had a lovely dinner in Chinatown (near the Fairmont hotel where we stayed). 

I guess when we finally get around to a vacation, we do it right!

When we came home, most of the snow was gone and the neighbor kids were wearing shorts (though I think that was wishful thinking on their parts). The next day, it did snow here, but it didn't stick and now the sun is shining and when I went to Home Depot yesterday, I noticed they were getting all the garden stuff out. Hurray! Spring has finally sprung!

(The picture at left is from the Ladera Winery. It is lovely. The tree in the middle is really beautiful and I plan to include it in some Tweedle art soon.)



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