I just spent a week with the original Tweedle, at her home in Florida. I left Chicagoland dreary and cold. But the week I was gone, it was lovely here. Meanwhile, in north Florida, it was hot and rainy, really humid. I just can't win!

But, upon my return to Chicagoland, I find the weather here just glorious. The hostas are popping up all over, there are buds on all the trees, and loads of plants and flowers shooting up everywhere. 

We are getting a patio installed in our backyard and the front walk repaired and replaced. The patio is really important, because with all the rain we have had, the dogs just tracked mud into the house. With a patio, at least there is some barrier from the mud to the door and we can catch them and wipe their paws. Besides, it looks awesome! Once the grass starts to fill in around the edges, it will be complete. 

I am building a rock garden at the edge of the patio, where my bottle tree lives. It will be nice drainage, and look good. I bought the plants yesterday and hope to get started on the work tomorrow. I love rock gardens, partly because they are no-maintenance and because, well, I just love rocks. For years, I collected interesting rocks whenever I went someplace new. I had a few I brought back from Asia and Europe and from all over the U.S. (Just smallish rocks, mind you, nothing too big for carrying on a plane.) But, I traveled a lot, and the collection got pretty big. And we move a lot (but hopefully not anymore!). This last move, I just decided to leave the lovely rocks in the garden in Georgia. Those rocks had lived in their original locales, and then in my gardens in Michigan, Atlanta, Seattle, and then Atlanta again. They needed a rest.



10/20/2013 20:54

Just reading up on some of this lately, was interesting.


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    My style is goofy, it always has been. I love geometric shapes, but always with a twist. I love to combine sharp lines with whimsy, boxy shapes with free-form ideas.


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