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A day like today makes me wonder what I did in my past life to deserve all this goodness. 

As I type this post, I am sitting on my lovely back screened porch, overlooking a a really pretty yard with flowers blooming, birds singing and the sun shining. Loretta, the crazy whippet, is sitting at my feet, dozing. Life is good.

It's around 80 degrees and there isn't a cloud in the sky. I keep my bird feeders filled with seeds, so there are always birds hanging around. For the last ten minutes or so, I've been watching a chickadee scouting around for a good nesting spot. If she chooses something too accessible to Loretta and Scully, I will discourage her, but it's been great fun watching her check out her options.

The lawn guys were here the last several days doing our spring cleanup. We do our own weekly maintenance, but it is really nice to have them come out spring and fall to spread mulch, and rake leaves, aerate and fertilize. They are a great group of guys who work really hard and, frankly, make me feel ashamed at my laziness. They installed a field stone patio out back last week, and removed our old broken down front walk and replaced it with pavers, and they repaired our decrepit front stoop. 

It all looks wonderful and I am just so house proud right now.

But, I am most pleased with the back yard. Back in Georgia, it was really hard to spend time outside during the middle of the afternoon. It was just too hot! Here, there is always a breeze and we have so many trees, it stays pretty cool even on the hottest days.

Tonight, I am roasting a chicken on our charcoal grill and I have made a beet salad and I have three ears of corn I plan to make into something delicious. 

And to think, just a few months ago I was hating on this place. The winter really dragged me down, but days like today almost make the winters worth it. 




Mike Coleman
05/31/2013 09:58

I have spent the past 30 minutes sitting in a quaint and cozy coffee shop here in Oldenburg, Indiana reading your blogs. Your writings are a perfect fit for this wonderful morning. It is a pleasure reading your Blog posts. Tell the immediate family that the south eastern Colemans (Mike) send their best regards.


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